Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome from the Commander


It is my privilage and pleasure, to welcome you onboard. This ship is an Auxiliary Cargo Assault Transport, and it is expected that during the present contemplated tour of duty, it will come in contact with the enemy at least as much as any other vessel.

In the truest sense of the word "SARITA" is a Combat Vessel.

It is expected that each and every man will learn to do his job, every single part of his job, and learn to do it well, and promptly.

Learn to do it in the efficient, quiet cheerful manner which characterizes the true man-o-warsman.

This cooperation is vitally needed, and expected, to build our organization.

A ship cannot operate successfully unless properly organized.

Our ship must be the most efficient of its type.

   Lieut. Comdr. USNR
Taken from the USS Sarita's Billet . Date unknown.

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